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We Wrote The Book!

Our book: “Accounting for Crypto Assets” takes a deep dive into blockchain, DeFi, NFTs & more.

Looking for CPE?

We are building a multi-level master course to help you better navigate the industry and earn credit.


We are one of the few CPA firms established and operating in the Metaverse.

who we are

Cryptocurrency & DeFi Experts

CryptoCFOs teach you how to navigate the complex and evolving DeFi and cryptocurrency landscape to level up your tax or accounting practice.

Our comprehensive training programs are geared toward professionals, businesses, and investors like you who want to take control of their crypto asset portfolio.

why we are here

Shedding light on Cryptoasset accounting and taxation

Our goal is to provide consulting and education to businesses and accountants seeking to dive into the world of crypto, NFTs, and DeFi. Whether your business wants to start accepting crypto, get your feet wet with DeFi, or start a new crypto venture, we are the team to help you succeed!

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Comprehensive Training Programs

Investors, businesses and finance professionals will develop a deep understanding blockchain technology, Decentralized Finance, NFTs, the metaverse and crypto asset taxation.


Learn how to navigate the reporting requirements of and stay compliant with the IRS. Improve your knowledge of the tax implications of your crypto transactions (staking, airdrops, farming).


Navigate the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry for your clients and learn to provide CFO level services to the industry.


Learn how to leverage the new financial tools that DeFi brings to businesses. From lending/borrowing to staking, Initial Litigation Offerings and NFTs we will help your business stay ahead of the curve.

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Meet our people

Our Leadership Team

We are CFOs, CPAs, Tax Professionals, Financial Planners, Educators,
published Authors and Marketing Experts specializing in the Crypto Industry.
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Kathy Hauer

Brandon Santiago

Brandon Santiago

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Taylor Zork

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Brian Whalen

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Looking for CPE?

CryptoCFOs Firm Builder

In accordance with our roadmap, we are building a multi-level master course to provide you with the proper training and knowledge to better navigate the ever-changing landscape within the blockchain, Defi, and crypto asset categories.

Overview of Cryptoassets and Blockchain

Our program is designed to help you solve problems using real world examples.

Taxability of Crypto Transactions

We walk you through crypto transactions from the blockchain to the tax return.

Using CryptoAssets

Our course is designed to teach you how to securely store, use and leverage your cryptoassets.


Beyond the .JPEG - learn about the broad implications of NFTs and how they will impact every asset class.


Decentralized exchanges to liquidity mining, flash loans and beyond. Learn how your business can leverage the growing DeFi industry.


Understand why your firm should have a presence in the ever expanding digital universes.


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Benefits of our program

Why Join CCFOs?

Earn CPE while learning about a blue ocean niche. 

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are exploding with opportunity, those early to establish themselves as knowledgeable in the field can amplify their ability to serve the industry and capture a piece of its value.

  • Receive the dual benefit of educating yourself on a lucrative new industry while earning continuing education credits in the process.

  • Establish your firm as a leader in emerging technology.

  • Expand your firm's revenue generating capabilities. Add an entirely new revenue stream to your practice.
Knowledge is power. Awareness of the tax implications of each trade or transaction will help you make better investment decisions.

  • Learn how to navigate the reporting requirements of and stay compliant with the IRS.

  • Improve your knowledge of the tax implications of your crypto activity (staking, airdrops, farming).
There is a huge gap within the crypto industry for competent bookkeeping help. Learn the ins and outs of crypto asset accounting to set yourself apart and earn more money in an exciting niche!

  • Expand your client pool.

  • Set your value.

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Blockchain Project?

We can help with consulting, funding and even CFO work.

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